Day 8:

Random acts of kindness..

When I was new to Pune, my office was 18km away from accomodation. I took a cab on the first day(few days in between as well:P) Cab driver was so helpful he told me which “color” bus I am supposed to take, junctions to get down, gave me a lot of information..that was enough for me to feel at ease on the first day:)

Would you ever compliment a stranger?! A kid just looked at my HP tshirt and shouted randomly “I like your tshirt” with a wide smile. It’s not the compliment that got to me rather his carefree attitude:)

I was cooped up in my room long enough, and thought let me google a park nearby where I can read my book. This was in Chennai, where my go to line was “Tamil teriyad!” I stepped out, tried to follow the map. And I had to ask for directions at one point, cause according to the map I had arrived! But I had not. There was this uncle I met who tried helping me. And when he realized I will not be able to understand directions in Tamil, He asked “do you speak telugu?”.. “No”.. “Do you speak Hindi?” And I was just going to say yes. He quickly asked if I spoke Kannada? I thought the man was bluffing, what’s the point of just naming the languages know?:P Anyways when I said yes for Kannada, he happily told me directions in Kannada all the while looking smug!

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