Why did I choose to become a vegetarian? Growing up in a coastal region I loved having sea food! I was a non-vegetarian and I have enjoyed that period of my life.

It started with me being aware of what I felt. eg: I did not like the sight of chickens being stuffed in cages and would feel guilty from time to time. I had just recently started following vegan bloggers in Instagram. That inspired me to think what if even I can take this journey?! Thus I stopped eating chicken. And after a year I stopped with sea food as well. (Eggs are still pending though!)I am very proud of myself for this lifestyle change. I have struggled with having a vision for my career but creating this lifestyle was much easier:) The main reason I have succeeded is because my “why” was strong.

I did feel like a fool when people would question about this. And I found validation in one of Sudha Murthy’s books. It was a beautiful story on how she gave up saree shopping(which she used to love). Giving up on a desire can be empowering!

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