Day 12:

I think..Our journey is more bearable when we share joy/pain likewise with few people who grow close to us. Especially during our difficult times. Asking for help is a quality that I’m still learning. It’s a very awkward process for me!

During one of the difficult times I faced, I am so glad that I had a friend who supported me and kept telling me constantly “I am beautiful. I will get through this. I deserve happiness”. She was there for me everyday! I called her my “guardian angel”!! I will always be grateful that this was the first step towards my healing journey. Yes, my first step when I realized that I have to do so much work on myself. And most importantly I wanted to stop being so sad. It was a mood killer among friends!(I could tell:P) I try to be aware, when and how I can be of help to someone else. (That’s the beauty of empathy being passed on)But it comes in the way of my social awkwardness! Well.. embracing yourself takes time know?

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