Mastani Mahal from a museum in Pune,India

Day 17:

Reality or imagination? The struggle is real! On the one hand I can spend an alarming amount of time in my mind, building air castles filled with libraries, cats and all of my favorite fictional characters! Alas if that was the case, Actually I dream of a possible love life(cringe to say it out loud!), job that I would love to put in hours, strong skill set which I can rely on if I want to take a break from my regular job!

Okay.. maybe I don’t dream exactly of those things. It’s more of future situations where I am confident in my own skin. To not want to crawl into the ground when things get awkward. To smile and cry openly. To be more expressive. To build more connections around me. Be a part of kind, loving community where I participate actively..

Point being it’s hard to come back to reality! Not complaining, just thinking out loud:)

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