Day 18:

These days I find myself having logical explanation for my day’s activities! However mundane it might seem like binge watching netflix, logging into instagram to scroll , noticing my energy levels(which right now is very low cause sleeep)..when I observe I realize how much of self belief is a part of my daily routine.

I’m trying to work consistently to reach towards my goal, but why doesn’t this consistency last? The first day of being consistent is always rigorous, full of hope and lots of work done cheerfully. Next day is still alright, the following days are lost hope in my ability to make things work again. Maybe I don’t check with my goals repetitively. It’s progress and how I can try to put in work everyday(to the best of my capacity ofcourse), with the knowledge that it will give me immense peace of mind. This is what I strive for. It’s impossible to feel your best every moment, I get that. Emotions should not dictate my efforts. It’s also tricky as I have only me to answer for the progress of these goals!

All I can do is keep practicing:)

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