Day 21:

What an ideal day looks for you?

Previous night I will have prepared my to-do list. Next day starts a bit early(around 6:45), Do my morning rituals and go to a nearby park..if I have been reading a book, then I’ll indulge in that for a bit. Then come home and prepare a simple healthy breakfast(fruits and nuts). Put on some music and clean my room, arrange my wardrobe. Have some snacks in between(healthy ofcourse), then again read my book! Call friends home and prepare lunch together, laze around and spend quality time with them:)

Go to a nearby tapri for chai(Not a chai fan, but these moments are way too precious to pass on) Then in the evening get groceries for dinner, talk to parents, work on things I’m invested in(maybe this blog or something else), have dinner and watch some movie(which should wrap up around 10 pm) give half n hour to do my night time rituals, meditate and go to sleep. I really enjoy a slow day:)

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