Day 23:

One thing helping me with my anxiety is deep belly breaths. I just concentrate on this when my heart is racing. I don’t want to write about what causes anxiety. For me, something with which I had a negative experience as a kid(not necessarily a traumatic experience)..if as an adult I face these situations I react from the past. Like how the kid in me reacted. It did not get upgraded with the adult life, mostly because it was ignored or the emotions were kept inside(not shared with anyone).

Right now I have to deal with the anxiety first and..well mostly I don’t get to the next part:P When you are immersed in making these important decisions(yup), it’s really cool when somebody is kind to you. A warm greeting goes a long way. Someday I want to be like this person, warm and going a little extra to greet someone, just in case if by any chance that someone required that extra care:)

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