Day 24:

There are few moments which pushes you towards your dreams. But there are majority of moments/days that are regular. An average day. When laziness rears it’s head, when you love to engage in distractions. Watching productivity/ motivational videos , doesn’t guarantee consistency. I will have to shout and direct almost every possible moment of my day to achieve this.

I am able to write blogs each day, even when I’m tired. Because I enjoy writing this. I love imagining how I can improve and learn to create solid content. On the other hand, aptitude which I am preparing for currently, it takes way too much of energy. It’s okay. Maybe this task requires only an average amount of time. Once this bridge is crossed( and few others!) , I will again get a chance at learning new things, to envision.. Of course learning can happen anytime. But whatever I might get to learn in the future, it will have my vision as well. Being aware of my journey, gives me more joy and peace. Best learning of this year:)

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