Day 25:

Few days before I was dressed up for an occasion and there were beautiful pictures clicked of that day. The next step was to post it on social media. And after posting..I kept staring at the pic for like an hour. Self-obsessed much?! And of course I had to analyze why I spent one hour of my life in such a petty thing.

The more I thought what I gained from it, is it to show people my style sense(that it’s evolved?!) It’s the best pic out of a hundred that wins the race. Then validation comes. This part I don’t really care as I uninstall the app after I post.

I do get tied up in this illusion. It means nothing know at the end of the day? I mean I loved doing this before. I have a shy and introvert personality among people out there, so somewhere I feel like my ‘ Insta game’ would make me seem cool and would portray my ‘real’ personality. It does not matter at the end of the day, social media is just that.. an illusion(for a regular person like me) I am what I am, and I can improve whatever aspects of me, that I want to. I will always share this journey with my friends personally. And it’s time to let go of this expectation from social media. .

I will continue to post(duh!), but with a different intention:)

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