Day 26:

Can I call a day insignificant just because I was lazy and didn’t work on things I promised myself with?! I think I should.. I should hold myself accountable. Else how can I achieve my goals? Also I will be blatantly aware that I did not reach where I wanted to be just because I was lazy. Such a lame reason know?

I would like to think that I keep almost all of the promises given to friends and family with respect to my time. In some motivational video, it advised to keep promises to yourself. Sighh. I am not going to beat myself over my laziness, and spend a sleepless night. Rather I would finish this blog, sleep peacefully, wake up(early maybe?!) and sit myself down to give my time and mind space for the work to be done.

‘Time is precious’ – such a commonly heard phrase but doesn’t get the required importance(from me!)

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