Day 27:

I have realized since quite some time that I live in 2 spectrums. One is I am calm, grateful, Aware of beautiful things and people around me basically I just feel peaceful. On the other hand, something unpleasant happens, pops my bubble, suddenly I am just sad, emotionally drained, I am just done with everything. I am not talking about normal bad days. Bad days is when I am not able to get any work done because of extreme self-doubt I experience. This one I can manage.. ‘ It’s just one of those days’ and I am good at taking care of myself.

When someone else causes discomfort that is not a bad day, it’s when I have a mental breakdown. It’s when I face reality and go ‘ Oh damn, Now I have to interact with this other human to resolve conflict’ .. I have just always had trouble in expressing my thoughts to others(which has become better now), so right now situations are asking me to level up and go through these discomfort. To observe and think all of this is pretty cool, but actions take efforts which translates to just go and do the talking!

I want to end this in a positive note, I am grateful that I have access to internet and I get to write this Blog:)

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