Day 28:

It’s amazing the amount of thoughts we experience and how much they influence our activities. Even my productivity level varies, which is meh.. I can’t turn my pain to gain(Like how people hit gym after a breakup and have this transformational period!)

I know.. thoughts are crazy when you are in distress, but man I feel so violent. I want to punch holes in wall, let out a demonic scream, to throw things around, to push people away.. And I kept watching funny content to feel light. But whenever I stopped in between, I realized it doesn’t help a bit. Just an illusion for sometime. Finally I just meditated, which actually helped a lot.

Trust, Patience and courage to choose my path, will definitely keep me going. I think of self improvement like a race, I will start and by no time I’ll reach the finish line. Like in the race of rabbit and tortoise.. I know this analogy is familiar. But it’s a fast paced world and adulting never stops..so a remainder that tortoise wins!:)

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