Day 30:

Grateful. One thing I’ve learnt that when you go through difficult period of time, it makes you super grateful for any amount of abundance that follows.

I used to write 10 things(or more) I am grateful for every morning in my journal. Also ‘ why’ I was grateful for it. This practice I had learnt from The Secret book. Now I don’t follow this anymore. But I do remind myself when my overthinking brain gets busy.

It’s funny.. when I sit to write my blog, I almost start with how I have wasted majority of hours in browsing. But reminding myself, technology is super awesome. And the connections and help you can get through that is mind blowing. Of course there are negatives to it(I think every thing out there poses a problem when you get too attached to it)

Concentrating on gratitude personally has helped me to shift my internal dialogue. It also helps me to sleep better(priorities!)

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