Day 31:

My mom gave this cute feather today evening..

She notices all of these wonderful things and I’ve learnt to observe from her. We call the other person to show full moon or a clear sky with stars, when we spot a different bird outside, flowers bloomed in her garden…

I also did rewind and think why do I feel so comfortable in this situation. Of course it’s home that is a different level of comfort and warmth. But also how much can I trust my thoughts?!(These questions arises when you watch too much of podcast)

Because our thoughts are shaped from whatever we have been taught to perceive. My opinion of illusion still remains intact. As I do feel I live in one(for most parts of my day) Not just the using of technology but also the conditioning which has influenced my thoughts and actions. Or maybe it’s just a way of life to figure out what works for you eventually.

Asking more questions and conceding to ‘ It is.. what it is’!

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