Day 32:

‘ To Uncage’ I remember when was I was in Engineering and staying in hostel, A lot of things would bother me. Basically I was a people-pleaser. I was still figuring out on how to deal with my introvert personality. I did not accept myself and felt shame when same thing was reciprocated. I did not value myself and that’s what I got in return as well.

I am not woke right now, still lost in other levels of life(which is completely fine). But during that phase I was very confused on how to do damage control! I did not know how to navigate through those situations at all. I used to just try anything and everything, with no sense of direction. I did not understand any advice given by my friends.

I did not question why was this happening to me.. I knew it was because of my own thoughts and actions. From the hostel window, I would look at the sky and would mostly spot an Eagle. And I would think..I want that freedom for myself someday. Freedom from my own thoughts. Freedom to believe in myself and spread out my wings. I knew that true power lied within but it takes time to learn how to wield that power.

Basically that’s the ‘uncage’ story. There’s no ending to this, it’s an ongoing beautiful journey.( I am in a good mood hence calling it beautiful!)


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