Day 34:

Few moments are so peaceful like watching birds chirp in your garden, a squirrel runs across cutely, when a peacock spreads it’s wings and grants you the pleasure to watch it’s dance.. or I could just observe my cat all day long:P

At times mundane activities also seem very peaceful. Like washing vessels?! That is weird I guess. So I was trying to observe how my granny spends her day. She’s so disciplined with her chores(She likes keeping herself busy)The minute she sees there are not many people(read my dad) in her way of cleaning, she starts and doesn’t stop until she’s done with it. This is her everyday routine! Not one day she slags. (Unlike me)

Her energy makes me wonder how ‘ old’ I feel and act even though I am not. So while washing vessels today, I gave my full attention to the activity and it did not feel like a chore. So yes that was the peace I was referring to!:P

I was almost feeling a bit productive until mom came and asked if I had washed clothes.. I guess I wasn’t done with my chores yet. 🙂

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