Day 35:

Days are just getting lazier. It’s like the more fun you have, the more guilty you feel. If you felt this then I know you are an Indian kid:P

I want to have less technology and more peace of mind. I don’t want mindless scrolling. I know it’s pandemic and it’s just easier to get lost in this weird ‘I wish’ loops. It’s a normal thing only, but being aware of my habits helps to choose for myself, do I even want to watch a particular video? Most often than not it’s just to kill time. I would know the entire family, relationship, career of a person when I stalk. I wonder.. what will I do with this information? It would be cool to interact with a celebrity you follow. Also they are interacting with you almost everyday in your head(facts!), depending on how you are consuming content.

I don’t want that for myself. I would like stay in my reality. Reels to reality..

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