Day 38:

I am unique and at the same time a normal human being. It’s necessary to know that you are unique.. you are an universe filled with ideas and stories that only you are capable of creating. There’s a purpose to your existence. I think low self esteem amounts to mostly “why would anyone listen to me?”, “My ideas are not worthy enough to be heard”, “People would laugh at me if I try..” To know and practice self-worth despite these voices is when you realize you are in-fact unique:)

Painting reference: Pinterest

But.. you can’t take yourself too seriously as well. I am not too important to chide my parents on their views.. (at least when it’s not really having any effect on my life), to know my privilege in these current turbulent times before I complain(if I can help it), to be proud of my journey but at the same time keep walking on the path of self-improvement, to not condescend on other people’s beliefs as every person has their own pace.. to keep realizing that if I dwell too much on validations it’s just a trap to be stuck in a moment.. To be light on your feet and know the existence and power of fleeting thoughts.

Balance of your being🙂

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