Day 39:

Being consistent is an art to learn! You will go back to your old ways from time to time. This time when I ‘relapsed’, I did not blame myself too much or did much of overthinking. So here are a few tips to get out of the binge watching/eating phase, things that are working for me:

  • Move your body – Now how do you expect yourself to move while watching your favorite show right?! Go on binge watching for as many nights as possible. Then when your eyes feel blind have a mental picture of yourself in your old age..that will do the trick! There are tons of yoga/exercise content out there, find a basic one and feel good about yourself for 10mins effort you put(don’t count the days left behind, please!)
  • Cooking yummy food – I have lost taste for oily, wayy too masaledar restaurant food. I prefer cooking it myself. So the days it does turn out yummy, I enjoy it. For days it doesn’t, I still eat it because pride! Cooking gives me that time-off from being continuously on my phone.
Onion Pakoda
  • Listening to podcasts – Regular intellectual ones to wake up your brain from being dumb after several days. Also I had heard this interesting thing in one of the podcasts, your brain gets used to saying yes and so it’s difficult for you to stop binge watching or anything that you get used to. So you have to be aware of what you are saying ‘yes’ to. What you are engaging with. I have been enjoying listening to AraliKatte and Simple Ken. Both are available on spotify/youtube.
  • Work – Find things that you can be busy with. Even though it is mostly infront of a system atleast you are giving your brain some work.

You can’t go all in and be 100% disciplined.(If you can then that’s great!) But for those who feel guilty.. try finding your own little hacks along the way.

Being consistent with feeling okayish:)

PS. I’ll add to this list as and when I keep finding new hacks!

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