Day 40:

Do you ever get confused with choices infront of you? Should I choose medical or engineering? Arts or Science? Should I listen to my parents or not? Should I choose the path of healing or stick to my old ways? Yes, It got serious pretty fast! I do feel the urgency to make the right choices. But why bother, If you don’t feel upto it?

There is this dialogue in Dear Zindagi when Dr.Jug explains to Kaira that you might have mountains to climb infront of you, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to climb it(Maybe you are not fit to climb it yet!) It’s alright if you are in your comfort zone for a little while longer..

This doesn’t translate to I’ll say no to every situations that demands a certain level of energy/enthusiasm from me. But being aware of your own limits and trusting your judgement.

I used to be worried before what if I miss opportunities. I have got opportunities in the past(when I didn’t feel upto it) I pushed myself and to be honest I have wrecked the opportunity itself. Ofcourse there is learning.. which is that I won’t do it anymore if it causes too much of discomfort.

Being aware of what you need and expect from yourself, choosing a lesser choice is alright. Choosing when to climb a mountain is in your power:)

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