Day 41:

I have started to realize the importance of knowledge… not the ones given in conventional school system. Any kind of knowledge that’s helping you to broaden your perspective in everyday things, your thoughts and actions.

My complete education could be summed up as byheart the concepts and try to pass. It’s not that I did not understand the concepts, for a short time I did. But most often than not I was not interested to see these concepts till the end. Varied subjects were taught but instead of developing curiosity, my learning became monotonous without any purpose. The only reason I passed was to just get past it, Alas to be faced with a similar obstacle again!

Education should give you the tools to move forward. But I found myself stuck and in fear of not knowing.

But it’s a privilege to hold a degree, I’m grateful that I got the education despite it’s apparent flaw. I’m aware of all the vast knowledge that is out there. This drives me to keep learning and not to repeat mistakes from the past:)

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