Day 43:

Can you speak openly about things you dream to have in your life? Or of those desires that you try to bury with each passing day because it feels too good to happen.. But subconsciously our mind keeps a tab of our desires, trauma, forgotten memories and so many other things due to which our subconscious mind is deemed important.(Rightly so)

Today I caught myself trying to hold a dream even after I woke up. I wanted to dream for a little while longer, trying to convert my fantasies to dreams.. and eventually realizing that I have this dormant desire which I don’t talk about or even journal anymore. I thought I grew up but maybe I just mirrored the things to be desired from others around me/social media!

Things might still not change even after this realization. Actually I am pretty sure. Probably you don’t get what I’m writing about.. just imagine something what you would want but is not easily available/ you don’t yet know how to make it happen. That’s the confusion on my part as to why desire something that I can’t even envision anymore.

I thought I had sobered but that is not the case..

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