Day 45:

Watching a kids dance program on TV reminded me of my school days. When we would get so excited to dance and perform in n number of cultural events. This varied from prayer dance, folk dance, Bharatnatyam, patriotic ones also Yakshagana.. Trying out various costumes, makeup and getting to have snacks and icecream as it would be a mini fair, showcasing our talents and the most important of all collecting prizes for academic excellence/Extra curricular activities. Fond, cutest of memories!

It was more fun to skip classes for practice.. teachers would not really take classes. But it felt more fun to be involved in various activities. Also it was stressed that being an allrounder would take you further in college life! I was pushed to sports by being called a bookworm.. so I don’t have fond memories of sports, also I was bad at it:P It’s okay if you are bad at it.. I just didn’t have the right attitude to face any laughs that came my way!

This para would have consisted comparing with the above carefree life. But I’ll pass on that. This definitely is very hectic as we have to take responsibilities and the previous guidance is not available anymore. In a way it’s exciting to finally being able to pave our own paths.. (or not!)


  1. Having grown up in India, I can relate to all of the cultural events that you talk about in this post. It was so much fun missing class for “drama practice” or “dance practice.” That and, yes, getting to wear lipstick and blush for the performance.

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    1. ToUncage says:

      Haha yes!!Thanks for sharing🤗


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