Day 46:

Journaling is quite therapeutic. Dumping all of those jumbled thoughts onto pages after pages, which captures several emotions as most of them are not expressed. I would like to blame this on introverted life.. but it is what it is!

Flipping through the pages of my previous journal.. I was amazed at the repeated pattern of thoughts jotted down. It went something like this.. I make resolution that within that particular year I will achieve these n goals. After few pages goals have changed and the time frame is also decreased! It clearly looks like I was so not happy with my current version and had this destination happiness syndrome. Once I have my desired future.. I’ll be happy(or gain some degree of self worth).

Getting this ample amount of time during pandemic has calmed my mind to a great extent. Maybe it will be chaotic again once I’m out there. But right now I am grateful for n number of things rather than jotting down resolutions to achieve n number of things!

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