Day 48: why hostel life is fun?!

I understood the meaning of sisterhood while staying in hostel. Even though my parents insist that hostel fee was wasted as I ate out often and there were no commendable results with respect to my studies:P I understand their point of view of course but the fun times etched in my mind(in my heart seems too corny!) speak a different story!

Initially I did not understand on how to maintain friendships, that is given the majority of time spent with them. To understand others boundaries and set my own. To willingly, happily take care of others and vice versa. To agree what to order for lunch/snacks when we were broke and had to share.(Which was always the case!) To save money for a trip or birthday parties. To exchange valuable knowledge of important questions for exams… and so many more!

Gradually I understood.. for eg: I would get sick often(just common cold that is) and initially would make fuss by myself as I didn’t want to be a bother to anyone. After some time I realized how futile this exercise was, once I accepted help, it became more homely. We understood each other’s temper and adjusted our habits accordingly. All the times we cried, we were there for each other.

That amount of time spent with friends is hard to come by later on. It’s okay though, maybe the challenge for now is to maintain these friendships amid the chaos that surrounds us. I can say that our friendship stands on a solid ground but even now it requires time and efforts to stay connected. And it is always worth the effort:)

*beach waves splashing in the background and a certain friend chattering away*

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