Day 50: How I wish to learn more languages..

I wish to learn more languages so I could read more of the books written in native languages. I was watching a kdrama series called ‘ Because this is my first Life’ and there were a lot of references from korean books. I loved the series all the more because of exceptional excerpts from these books. Sadly I did not find English Translation for these books.

When you read books from your native, there’s a certain swag(as I like to call it!) and feel to the words which you can understand. Learning different languages might help me to widen such experiences.

It’s also a cheapest way to learn more about the cultures. Surprisingly you can relate to the general emotions and situations of these characters despite living in a faraway corner of the world.

Your nose buried inside a book, you feel angst, joy, toes curled up for a romantic moment, heart broken for a bitter reality that a character faces… somewhere along the way, returning to your reality, surprised(you know this was going to happen anyway!) that a book made you curious, let you experience so many emotions, opened up your mind a little more! Human behavior, basic moments that bind us which makes us feel alive(as cliche as it sounds) are inherently the same!

Falling in love with these books and always wishing to read more..

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