Day 51: A love letter to my source of joy

In the spirit of Valentine’s day(not!), listening to Prateek Kuhad’s songs.. penning down a letter to my joyous housemates: Goku, Manju and Cuckoo. These are the names of my kittens and I’ve been wanting to dedicate a blog post for them, although they care only for fish and more fish..

Playful, good listeners(to all the noises around except for when we humans talk), bundle of cuteness, adorable eyes, innocent head tilts… all of these characteristics makes me curious on the state of just being. Observing your activities, makes me miss something about my day, something that is so effortless..

When I think about you guys, I see you as separate individuals with human like personalities! Goku is the typical one, always full of energy, playful. Manju is the sweetest, at times gets bullied, with a cutest meow(mind you, the meows also sound different!) Cuckoo is the smartest one, quick witted and prefers being close to humans more..

Finally, I’m grateful that my mom has not banished you guys out. Until her tolerance sustains, I’ll still try to protect you guys when it runs out! That’s how much I love you guys!:)


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