Day 53: My first trekking experience

Monsoons, greenery all around, wherever you see there are streams or waterfall.. sighh these are the views that I can never get tired of. Being from a coastal region and not having travelled around. Going for a trek in Pune was as exciting for me as finding Narnia!

On the way to Korigad fort,Pune

My mom never allowed me to play in rain as I tend to catch cold often(I don’t blame her) Being away from home gave me this liberty.. and what fun it ended up being!! Along with friends, going on a ride, looking at this vast greenery around, eating bhajji/maggi/vadapav and having tea..

You always get ready way ahead of time when there’s an exciting journey to look forward:) Even though it was a bit exhausting for an amateur like me to trek, the journey made it all worth it.

What more can I wish for when I get to experience this journey with friends, 2020 made me miss going for treks the most! This is definitely a memory that I am going to recreate again and again:)


  1. mebeingME says:

    One memory hopefully with me 🙂

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