Day 54: Feeling stuck

These days I wake up with dread and convince myself that there is nothing wrong with me! Then trying to be okay with not being okay, I tell it’s okay. Just that.. it’s okay. Getting confused as to which thought process to follow.. I immerse myself with anything that can keep me busy, somewhere in between house chores and work, I think I deserve a break now!

I start browsing to watch some interesting content, and the browsing never ends or I end up watching some shit series. Then I have a hard time trying to make myself stop on whatever it is I am stuck watching. What is this force that overpowers me?! My enlightened mind says it’s simply out of habit.

Food has become my solace, and I am becoming more successful in following though yoga in the morning and exercise in the evening. I tell myself yoga/exercise is as vital as brushing my teeth/taking shower. Maybe these are becoming my anchors..


  1. mebeingME says:

    Hold on my child – season of silence shall end,hold on✨🌼

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    1. ToUncage says:

      Thank you for sending such a sweet message in between your hectic schedule πŸ’–πŸ˜˜

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      1. mebeingME says:

        bas Modi ne meeting postpone kari meeting paanch minute meh, thabhi time mila yar

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  2. ToUncage says:


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