Day 55: Musings

Few days are great, you are grateful for a lot of things by the time you go to sleep, few days are normal, nothing special happens, but it’s okay..few days are bleh, wallowing in self pity and this day also passes eventually.

These cycle of days, should it make some sense or is it okay to just go on feeling everything just as it is? For eg: I’m quite confused on where I stand in this society, but I fail to consistently keep track of my action plan, on how can I get past this identity crisis, uff..

This period is also trying to teach me something, and I need to give some space in my day to keep reminding myself! This is the best part of journaling/blogging that answers come to you if you spend some time in your day contemplating..

I’m not hoping for better days, cause I’m living them currently.. things I hoped for in the past is what I have right now. Holding onto them dearly but also prioritizing few things in my day to attain desired peace of mind!


  1. mebeingME says:

    Well articulated post I must say! And yes, best days are being lived now… Very true. Loved it✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ToUncage says:

      Thenks babe💖🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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