Day 56: Chaos&Calm

Like a pendulum, my mind wanders between these 2 states. When in chaos, habitually I feel bound to it. When calm, I question myself.. why don’t I look out for it more often?

Chaos is bound to happen.. and so is finding calmness within this chaos. Accepting whatever comes my way but keeping an eye out to greet whoever comes in!(creepy reference:P) In simple terms, being aware of these emotions, as somehow the choices I take also gets better, Just by observing yourself! Seems quite simple but breaking old habits takes some time.

I don’t know what I would call as an end goal, maybe it is the moments where I realize, “wait a minute, I’m not thinking this negative thought pattern anymore! When did this happen?!” This subtle transformation is humbling!

I’m keeping a lookout for my calmness, through meditation and gratitude, what do you intend/keep a lookout for?

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