Day 58: Amidst old songs and books

Flipping through music channels one by one to choose a song that relates to my mood. Stopping in between and realizing I heard this song just recently and don’t want to hear it for sometime. I think about the infamous question of what is your favorite song? I don’t have any answer to this, I may be obsessed with one song for a day or two.. more than that I’ll get sick of it.

Eventually I forget that such a song existed, only to hear it after a long time with a feeling of nostalgia. So I don’t think I can ever play favorites in songs.

I am pulled to olden times of simplicity, the lyrics which contained sensibility and wisdom, colors and sound felt more balanced, mesmerized at how each of these elements(and so many more that I am not aware of) together brings out a medium of expression that is phenomenal:)

Just finished reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, and man what a thrilling piece of work that is! It felt like I was back to my college days when I used to stay up late to finish a chapter and just one more and.. before I knew it would be 3 in the morning.. eventually had to convince myself to get some sleep.

It was nice to feel that way again.. So that’s about the random things I put together for this blog post.

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