Day61: Momentum and Pause

I am quite excited to keep writing in this blog because there’s so many things I’m getting to learn. It excites me. Mostly because I don’t have to deal with any person and have to work on my own. That’s a real kick for an underconfident person!(Not self sabotaging, the only reason why I cower from having conversations!)

I have been developing this site in my own pace, initially it was just rants of a defeated soul.. then seeing other blogs, Pictures seemed nice and I loved taking pictures. So added them. Then came the tags which I found boosts traffic by 2 more visitors:P All of these processes are building up to something, I don’t know till when I can keep up the momentum..

I have got the momentum for now and that’s enough for today. My question of ‘What is my purpose?’ has boiled down to ‘ What is my purpose for Today?’ That’s the purpose I’m striving to fulfil.

Weirdly, This blog post gave me clarity..


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