Day63: Tuning

It rained tonight after a long time of playing hide and seek/ thundering and lightening. I keep thinking about my thoughts these days.. being aware, I guess. Or you could it call overthinking! When I woke up, while I was working sitting in front of my desktop, random moments throughout the day whenever the awareness set in, while it rained.. throughout these moments I realized there’s a song stuck in my head. It’s a beautiful song called ‘Bade acche lagte hai’ (and the humming starts again..)

I heard this particular song last night, why is still occupying space in my head though? I have been moderately busy throughout the day. A lot of new information was fed to my brain. But in the midst of all this.. the song kept at it! It’s not that there’s a memory attached to the song or anything of that sorts.

What I’m trying to understand is if this song was kept on loop in my mind, What else can I keep on loop?! How can I set and change the frequency of thoughts?

Thoughts are powerful. I don’t know about manifesting but at least the positive thoughts help you to deal with whatever comes your way and generally sets you in a good mood! Knowing this is a direction:)

Somewhere hoping that thinking more concrete thoughts will lead to more trust in my journey:)

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