Day 65: Social Media frenzy

I am always amazed at how easily I get lost in Social media! Previously I would go on Instagram whenever I had something to post and then uninstall immediately.. Because I didn’t want to dwell on those notifications and mindless scrolling.

But this month I did not want to uninstall it, more of a challenge to myself! Why am I no able to stop scrolling? What value does it add to my day? And how messed up my mind feels when I’m constantly in it?

I am not too faraway from being aware of my social media usage(that’s positive self talk:P) But I still find myself in that loop again and again. Well there’s psychology that tells(again read on social media!) that one of the reasons we get addicted is due to the instant gratification we get.

When I spend way too much time on social media, my reality seems too bleak. But in truth it’s not. I guess that’s how it messes up my mind. Awareness doesn’t happen overnight. Taking small steps to consciously change this..


  1. I think this something everyone is going through. Strangely I do not feel the need until I have absolutely nothing to do. However, the apps allow you to set reminders which can help you control the usage 🙂

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