Day 66: The Joy of Now

In the past few days, I was going crazy over the things I am not able to accomplish, yet again. LOL. Now this is something that I would love to follow. To laugh at my whining.

I have been trying to measure my progress and after summing up the learnings and progress(don’t ask!) of January, one of the learnings stuck out to me, Everyone has varied definitions of Joy and you have to find what brings you Joy and indulge in it barring any comparisons with others. I needed a remainder of this, to resume writing here because figuring out this blog has been really fun! That’s all that matters right?

Of course the drive to write here has decreased over time. But not blogging with an excuse of ‘I will never reach anywhere’ is quite lame. I would like to be consistent now, because it gives me joy and a degree of self respect!

To be honest I want to write beautifully and I am aware of the patience and time it takes to reach there. I truly like 3 of 65 posts I have written so far. Not because I dislike the others. But I consider the rest of them as stepping stones to get to that particular beautifully written post! And I enjoy this process:)

Maybe I will find a niche that I like or I will find some other interesting thing to do. Whatever it is, I am trying to give full attention to what the current moment holds.


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