DAY 67: Hope

I am always enamored by universe, manifestation, the intuitive accounts in Instagram which ask you to pick a card and gives you the advice that you needed at the moment, Basically things that seem magical! Told myself a fantasy story, if you wish for things with all of your heart then the Universe would give it to you, Tada!

My anxious self was asking me for help.. and I tried giving her a list of gratitude.. Life, limbs, privileges, space, home, friends, pets, career and whatnot! My anxious self got more anxious listening to this! The answer that was eventually figured out was Hope. But where to derive hope from?

I wondered, when I was affectionately looking at my cat playing in the garden. Do you think God might be looking at me(one of his creations) with affection?! Smiling at my confusion and thinking, ahh silly girl! She will figure everything out eventually:) That was a comforting thought.

I tried replacing God with Universe, it didn’t fit right. They are just different words but I thought of God in a religious context and Universe in a magical one! Maybe belief works best when it is built on your experiences rather than thoughts.

For now, I am hopeful and my anxious self agrees with me!


  1. Ayee, i love the analogy where God is looking at us amusingly. For me it is possible to think of God and universe as one because for me God is a higher power which is also the universe. So it’s all magical. Hope is what we have and it’s one of the best things.

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