Day 69: Tell me about yourself

Today I thought I will pen down a short Intro about myself! I used to dread this question. My answer would just have my name, the college I went to, course I did there and my hobbies. All with a nice expression of disbelief.

A while back, my friend and I were talking on introductions of others and how cool they were! When she finally did pen down her intro, we realized there’s a lot of things about ourselves we probably underestimate/don’t take into consideration. In turn finding ourselves interesting/cool.

I had thought of writing this from a while(Hello there, my never ending to-do lists), so the main reason is that I’ll have one less task to think about at the end of this day:P

Hello, My name is Chaithra. I am a Software Engineer by profession. I work with Mainframe technology mainly. Currently I’m learning HTML, CSS and the end goal is to learn Web Development. I love dancing, I have learnt Bharatnatyam but had lost touch/not practiced. Currently I’m learning Kathak and being consistent with my practice!

This blog is mostly a repository of my Personal Learnings. An unraveling of myself, proudly! I’m an avid Reader. My favorite authors include Paulo Coelho, Sudha Murthy, Haruki Murakami, Cecelia Ahern, Sophie Kinsella, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, S.L.Bhyrappa, Dan Brown and many more..

I love cats!! I can easily fit into a Murakami Novel or a Studio Ghibli Movie! I am an introvert. I love traveling, spending time in nature. I guess that’s it for now! Thanks for reading:) Tell me about yourself in the comments, I would love to know.


  1. Omg. This is so cuteeeee. I loved your intro. Take this comment as your cue to make an intro page for blog (if not already) and post this. It is lovely. Really. I have learnt bharatnatyam too, in school for 8 years but never followed it up. So glad to see you are keeping up with kathak. Wow. Also, pls suggest best murakami books. I have read some, I want to read more. They are amazing. I am a dog person but I adore cats, they are feisty though 😂

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    1. Ayy thank you,Pooja❤️Yes I have an intro page but it’s time to upgrade it:P Yes it’s hard to follow through any disciplines we learn in school what with studies and work. Wind-up bird Chronicle and Kafka on the shores by Murakami – I really enjoyed these books:)
      Haha is it?!!I feel like I’ve become almost Angela(From the office) only now😂


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