Day 71: Letters

When I feel down, reading something penned down by my friends(either text or a letter) makes me feel so much better instantly. Letters feel more special because of the efforts(no matter how small) taken to write them.

When I sit down to write a letter, feeling nostalgic on all the memories concerned with that particular person, damn, makes me wish for time travel! It’s so true that time heals everything or may be it just gives you more problems to think on that any misunderstandings felt in the past vanishes! Whatever the case, I’m grateful for any misunderstanding that has happened as it simply means more room for growth and understanding of oneself and others.

There was this quote that made me feel a bit guilty .. When you care about someone it doesn’t matter if there are others who care for them. You have a personal relationship with them. Effort is care. You can view the full quote here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSMvcwvHkRa/

Letters feel like a hug in the form of words. A heartfelt thanks to all my lovely people who have written such beautiful letters:)


  1. Anonymous says:

    True, the time taken to write is more precious. Because it is more like they gave you something (time) which can’t be got back..
    Ps. I need to convert my post cards to letters next then 🙂

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    1. ToUncage says:

      Yes very true❤️✨

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  2. “Letters feel like hugs in the form of words.” So true.

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