Day 73: Friends

Spending time with friends is easily one of my favorite past-time. Especially when I have lived with them for 4 years in hostel. We have spent so many nights talking, gossiping, making plans, discussing about our future meetups, marriage plans, ambitions.. feels so surreal now. Days when we were excited about a celebration happening in college/hostel. The energy of those days were something else. Helping with each other’s outfits, borrowing accessories, sandals and finally the after party plans!

Only past month I was feeling so gloomy that I wasn’t able to meet them. But just from past 2 weeks, I have had so many meetups, attending our friend’s marriage, exchanging gifts, photography sessions, excitement for each other’s upcoming journey, again discussing marriage plans of the rest!! Beyond grateful for the time that I got with my girls:)

One other reason why I love being in their company is how carefree I feel, how much I talk!(usually an introvert or at loss of words meaning awkward), it might sound over the top but I feel protected. My heart is so full of love, hence this post:)


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