Day 74: Bloom

She knows she’ll be able to swim through this sea called life.. Not just with a life boat but with graceful strokes. This comes from being aware of what’s being discussed in her head. There is still confusion, vanity, all other kinds of negative emotions she wants to get rid of. But right by it’s side there is a kind reassuring voice/emotion who is looking after her. Took quite a number of years to develop this emotion.. but here we are, finally(phew!).

She’s finding her footing in the world.. at the same time she is looking forward to level up, to be okay if she does lose her footing from time to time. She realizes this might sound all too cheesy! This is not self love, this is simply finding reassurance in her imperfect self. She wonders if this is why she loves series/movies with imperfect(which makes it perfect!) characters.

In one phase of her life, she had described her life as a seed undergoing transformation to a seedling.. and now it seems to have grown, received sunshine as well as rain. She can see it now, with joy.. it’s bloomed:)

P.S. Series recommendation – One Mississippi(Amazon Prime)


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