Day 75: Clean & Order

Cleaning your room can majorly affect your mood. If I’m stuck with any thought and my day is simply not moving forward then cleaning my room does the magic.

It’s amazing how it works like a reset button! I have also started organizing and adding few decorative items to my room. Somehow when I looked at my room few months before it seemed to reflect me. There was clutter and dusty corners which required regular attention. It looked too plain. As a result there are a lot of room decor inspo in my pinterest board!

This process is fun although I’m taking it quite slow. I like the transformation which takes time, with each piece added with a lot of care and love. Somewhere while the room is getting amped up.. I hope it reflects back to the transformation within. As that was the main purpose to begin with. Not every thought of mine gets this much attention. But hopefully in due time!

P.S. Podcast Recommendation – https://open.spotify.com/episode/71huzQb01C5pYF0Zx51ocJ


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