Day 76: Busy

Last few weeks feel like a blur. Mostly because I’ve been swamped with work everyday. Something new to experience! I’ve been blessed to have a normal workload till now. It used to get moderately busy sometime. Now it’s everyday. I’m learning to manage my thoughts mostly. Because they have been running with quite a speed for me to catch up!

I would wake up and groan thinking about the impending tasks for the day. Going to sleep again worrying that I’m not feeling peace or joy. There is gratification to enjoy once I get through an issue. Everything feels sorted again. But there’s always a lineup of other things. I worry if I’ll be able to solve this next issue. I know I can. But time constraints.

It’s a responsibility for now so I’m cool with it. I want to feel content with the process not just the results. Since that doesn’t seem to be happening, I try to be content in any space I get between this process. Be it practicing Kathak, my cats, cooking(at times), talking to friends, reading newspaper, having my tea, reading book, taking a shower and adorning my busy day has officially finished attitude!

Biggest of them all.. weekend! The joy of Friday eve/Sat morning. Grateful that there is a concept of weekend:)


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