Day 77: Intricacies

I am at loss of words. I don’t know what to write here anymore. Anything I would like to write on feels too personal or fresh off the boat. Like I should understand a particular matter/emotion first, live through it completely until I get some clarity and bam! I will have a sophisticated content to write on. That’s just my idea of content.

If I look back at my blog, it’s quite personal and raw, which was intentional of course. Not too personal but just enough(at least as per my future calculative mind) After I have started sharing my posts in social media because I wanted to market and become more ambitious. I feel uncertain with my words. What am I trying to do here? Not to sort out my mind, I refuse to be that honest here. It felt good to have a blog which I never really thought of other than one desperate moment of self doubt.

But it has a goal. 100 days of Productivity. It tells me exactly where I have to go. But I will have to walk the same path 100 times. The path keeps changing because the terrain on which it exists, my mind, is changing constantly. It’s quite interesting. It makes me curious on how much effort each blog post requires. If I’m inspired it’s simply a flow. Else it’s procrastination/ a struggled attempt.

Either ways I am grateful for whoever reads it and tells me their thoughts on it. It’s made me wonder more on the possibilities. Truly, thank you:)


  1. You amuse me everytime with your constant eye to the smallest of smallest things, dissecting it (life) further down to understand it better! This is why it may sometimes take time to understand, because you might have to go deeper, but as you mentioned you will go through different paths. Growing through the path, and sometimes it might be a uphill, words may take time to flow, but it’s all a beautiful journey am glad to witness! ✨❣️

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  2. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if our thoughts are too fresh off the boat, because it’s in the writing that we get to work them out. I hope that even after taking the productivity path 100 times, that you continue to forge ahead—forever! Here’s to finding our way!

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  3. True that.. I meant in case of blogging as I find sharing stuff too personal can be vulnerable. Hence I prefer journalling to write my thoughts down when it doesn’t make sense. Thanks for the lovely comment!! 🤗✨


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