Day 78: Mirror

I am grateful for the people I get to spend time with.. right now for selfish reasons. Comfort, companionship and Self-development is what I keep looking for. So when I can hear any observation about me.. it sheds light on new things about me. I get to discover myself more through these people!

I have gotten both positive and negative feedbacks over the years, which is normal. I take it quite seriously even when I don’t want to especially when it comes from strangers! And the sulking process would start. So when I get to hear of myself in an optimistic tone which is a result of the close bond shared with respective people, it feels so nice.

When someone believes in you, in your abilities more than yourself, it’s like the beautiful diyas lighted for Diwali. Lights up the dark night. A symbol of hope.

P.S. Song recommendation – https://open.spotify.com/track/2GyH5rvdnfkjzsTFaWrrov?si=3aa357f1b7124f7f


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