Day 79: Life goes on

Isn’t it so weird how your day can just be anything. It could be joy, sadness, dejected, proud, boredom.. whatever you feel it doesn’t really count right? Because the day ends and the next day comes. Then it keeps happening which is a blessing of course, to be alive each day.

Somedays I believe in the laws of the Universe, other days I couldn’t care less. But the days keep passing by. I try to find if there are any clues left behind. Some form of explanation. I make up most of them in my head.

When the day arrives again, fears are diminished. Light occupies again in the corners of my mind. A new self waiting to be tended:)


  1. New self to be tended. Somedays you couldn’t care less. All making sense to me, hahaa! When we eat an amla, it’s katta and later we cherish the sweetness, that’s how each days are these days😂

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