Day 80: Control

As I keep taking steps towards unknown I find that it’s easier to feel calm. One thing I decided recently was that I’m going to put true efforts towards my goals. It’s not that I haven’t put efforts till now. I always felt it to be lame. It doesn’t matter if others thought otherwise.

If you are not disappointed in yourself, It doesn’t matter who else is disappointed in you. If you are disappointed in yourself, It doesn’t matter who believes in you.

Ankur Warikoo

As a result I envied others because my attention was external. Instead of resolving, ok forget resolving, simply paying attention to what I felt towards few things in my life. I could just see that other people’s efforts were getting paid off. I was happy for them of course. But I envied these milestones. Why can’t I have one in my life?!

My efforts did count. But it hasn’t given me any milestone yet. Now the milestones I aspire to have are different than society’s expectations. Anyways since I belt a bit short in my own eyes, envy appeared.

After analysing what aspects did I envy and why? I came to the conclusion that my efforts weren’t up to the mark. I strongly believe things do fall into place once you decide to keep going diligently towards your goals. Discipline to maintain these efforts were needed. Slowly mending my ways:)


  1. mebeingME says:

    You know your tracker best, so no comments😉 just don’t be harsh on them!✨💫

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